Meet James
My name is James Groom and I am a UX/UI designer with 3-4 years experience. I also have over 15 years experience in Advertising and Graphic Design. I spent most of my career as an Art Director / Graphic Designer at several Ad Agencies and, more recently, worked as an in-house Designer in the real estate world. After that, I shifted gears and went back to school for UX design and have spent the last 2 years at Citi as a UX / UI Designer.

I have created TV commercials, print ads, websites, and more for dozens of iconic luxury brands. My favorite, and most important, part of design is finding out the why. Why am I designing this? Who is it for? I am now using all of my Graphic Design and real world experience to create incredible experiences for the world around me. A successful alumni of Holy Cross College, & FIT in NYC, I live on Long Island with my beautiful ladies–my wife Taylor and two amazing daughters, Ella & Violet.

My Process

My Career Path

Here is what some of my old bosses think...

Malachi Lythgo

UX Director of Strategy & Design,
Creative Director, Citi

I had the pleasure of managing James, a standout UX Designer, for over a year, and during this time, he consistently demonstrated an exceptional commitment to producing high-quality work. James's approach to UX design is characterized by a perfect blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and an acute attention to detail.

His work has significantly contributed to the success of our projects, setting a standard of quality that inspires the entire team. James's unwavering dedication to excellence played a pivotal role in the successful migration from the Razorfish agency, which resulted in significant cost savings for Citi. Furthermore, he contributed to the launch of Citi Pay, introducing a variety of product offerings and paving the way for new revenue streams within the bank.

I confidently recommend James for his exceptional skills, strong work ethic, and commitment to delivering top-notch design outcomes. His ability to elevate the user experience through innovative and high-quality design solutions makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

Jane Kramer

Creative Director,  
Douglas Elliman

I'll start with what I feel is a given and won't go into too much detail: James does great work. No worries there. What is special about James is that he is such a good person. He has an amazing temperament and shows all signs of being a really great and effective leader. He is bound to move up quickly wherever he is and will do so with incredible humility.

I hired James while I was Creative Director at Douglas Elliman. He immediately stood out amongst the hundreds and hundreds of resumés I had to personally peruse while building DE's in-house creative agency. He has an active quietness and even keel that I totally admire. His work is clean and sophisticated and like most agency people can bust it out fast while making sure it is strategically on point. Other designers and art directors are immediately drawn to him -- which is a gift and a sign of a leader. His vibe is welcoming and confident without being arrogant. There are no dramatics and he wants to help and mentor while still really loving doing the work. Being hands on is never an issue with him.

Although his title is Senior Designer at DE he is an art director. The title given at DE was not my choice but I had to get him on my team in any way I could. If you know the difference then you know what I mean -- I think that is important to delineate when considering him. If I had my druthers I would have hired him as a Sr. AD at the least or an ACD. He shows that kind of leadership and has the proper experience to move up that line.

James was a joy to work with, brought great ideas to the table and made daily work a pleasure. He is bound to raise the level of creative at DE with his ideas and attitude. I can't say it enough -- you are lucky to have him if you've got him.