FIT: UX/UI Master Certification

This certificate is geared towards portfolio preparation and launching a new career. It is designed to give you the best chance of employment as a user experience or user interface designer. A team of top experts in the field of UX and UI will provide practical knowledge, portfolio refinement advice, and design challenge assignments. The course will also include job searching and interview tips.This capstone portfolio certificate course requires a pre-registration review and only eight applicants will be accepted. A successful completion of the certificate will qualify you for additional career assistance. Your resume and portfolio will be shared with our industry contacts with a personal recommendation referral.This certification is tailored for aspiring UX and UI designers who are at the final stage of their career preparations. To enroll in this program, understanding of the process and principles of UX/UI design, proficiency in UX/UI design software, and pre-registration review are required.

>  A master certification from a world-renowned college
>  Classes taught by top industry experts
>  Program helps you prepare a high quality UX/UI design portfolio
>  The focus is helping you launch a UX/UI design career
>  Team-teaching methodology maximizes your learn outcomes
>  Curriculum Designed by FIT's Creative Technology & Design subject area which is a pioneer and leader in digital design education