Websites, Landing Pages, & Apps!

This is a selection of various digital projects I have worked on throughout my career. You can even tell how old a few of them are based on the browser that they are comped into, ha.

Wink Dating App: My friend Corey Rosenberg asked me for help bringing his idea for a dating app to life. Unfortunately, we never ended selling it to for millions, but this did inspire me to get into UX design. The idea was that too many people hide behind their profile photos and when you meet in person, things are just different! We wanted to jump right into FaceTime meets so it is just you and them, on hiding. We also wanted to create videos as profile photos. Still love this idea.

Dope Creative: Website for a never-realized Ad Agency, almost founded by myself and Corey Rosenberg. We lost our only pitch meeting to a large agency that offered to do the project for free. I still have my business cards. Dope name.

Diamond Standard Vodka: Product launch website

Bad Boy Records: Web Concepts (believe it or not, they don't have a dedicated website!)

Voss Water: "Message in a Bottle" Sweepstakes App / Game Design Fundraising website / part of a 360 campaign including TV & Print

Eight O'Clock Coffee: Sweepstakes Landing Page

Bravecto: Sweepstakes Landing Page

Universal Technical Institute: Recruitment Website

Famous Grouse: "Meet Ron White" Contest Landing Page, Print, & Signage

National Organization on Disability (NOD): Web Banner & Landing Page