Go Paperless!

Improved UX & UI

I was tasked to improve the flow of our process for Enrolling in Paperless. As it stood, the user clicked a banner on the dashboard, and was brought to a separate page to enroll their accounts. From there, they had to hit the back button or the home button and it was a bit disruptive. First step was to shorten the process by not taking them away from the dashboard. I created a pop up module for them to enroll without leaving the page. I also improved the UI of the paperless setting pages. Take a look at the before and after.

Responsibilities: User Research > Design Thinking > Wireframing > Iteration > Delivery
Tools: Figma, FigJam, Whiteboard, Jira, Intralinks
Team: UX Researcher, UX Writer, UX/UI Designer, ACD, Legal & Compliance Team, Dev Team
Duration: 1 Sprint

Original Flow

Competitive Research



Final Design Flow

Final Design

We succeeded in simplifying the flow and keeping the user on the main dashboard. So I view this as a success! However, there was a log jam in dev and this update is still on the back burner, so there are no metrics. (I think they will improve signups)