Tier Acceleration (Formerly FastTrack)

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Project Overview

There are different levels of banking at Citi, depending on how much money you have in your accounts. Naturally the higher levels have more perks. We were asked to create a process for encouraging users to level up to the next level. It was originally called “FastTrack,” but after too many cooks were in the kitchen, it became “Tier Acceleration.” Unfortunate name aside, it was a fun project to design, test, and ship. Please take a look at the finished product below.

Responsibilities: User Research > Design Thinking > Wireframing > Testing > Iteration > Accessibility > Legal > Delivery

Figma, FigJam, Whiteboard, Jira, Intralinks

UX Researcher, UX Writer, UX/UI Designer, ACD, Legal & Compliance Team, Dev Team

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What is FastTrack?

You’re close to qualifying for an upgrade/Congratulations, you qualify for an upgrade
Choose your upgrade method:
Weighted average – Join Citigold after maintaining the minimum balance requirements for three months
Fasttrack – Meet the minimum balance requirement on the last day of this month and start [next month] as a Citigold member
Eligible Customers
Congratulations – You’ve reached the minimum balance requirement for Citigold.
Maintain an average balance of $200,000 for the next three months to receive a formal invitation to upgrade to Citigold.
Or, opt-in to Fasttrack and upgrade as soon as [first day of next month]. Click here to learn more.
Almost Eligible Customers
You’re nearly there – Citigold benefits are just around the corner
How Fasttrack Works
Join Fasttrack and we’ll check your balance on the last day of the current month. If you meet Citigold’s balance requirements, you’ll be upgraded on the first day of the next month. So, as long as your banking and investment accounts hold $200,000 or more on January 31, you’ll be a Citigold member on February 1.
What can I do to meet the minimum requirement?
You can meet the minimum requirement by adding funds to your account, linking your family accounts, or investing with Citi.Need more time?You’ll remain in Fasttrack for three months, so don’t worry if you don’t meet Citigold’s minimum requirements by January 31. You can try again in February and March. You can even reenroll anytime after your current term expires.

Wireframe / Brainstorm

Round 1

We designed a Happy Path for the first round of presentations. We tried to keep it simple: What is it? What does the user get? Agree to terms and you are done.

Round 2

The Product Team told us that they wanted to give the user the option of speeding up the process with FastTrack (1 month) or keeping it as is (3 months). Does giving them a choice make sense?

New Happy Path

Round 3

After testing those options, there was confusion and we had to keep explaining what they were opting in for. Shortening the process that the user didn’t know about from 3 months to 1 month always had the same answer, “Why would I choose 3 months instead of 1?” So we landed a simplified approach where we explain what FastTrack is and have a button to enroll now. If they want to learn more or explore perks, they can do that.

Final - Mobile

It was at this point that the product team informed us that they were changing the name from FastTrack to Tier Acceleration! Well, aside from that name not being great, we had no choice. Citi already referred to the levels as “tiers” and someone made the decision.


This was a long drawn out project that eventually came to an end! But even though it was tough, it was worth it as I believe we came up with the best possible solution under the circumstances. Do you want some more perks? Well you have enough money in your account to jump to the next tier! Would you like to? Yes? Ok!