Citi Wealth Builder

New Feature / Improved UI

Project Overview

While I was on the Wealth Team at Citi, I was asked to improve how a potential client would assess their risk levels. We had charts to show them Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive portfolios. I had to take a Power Point design and bring it to life. My part was small, but this was a very lengthy process of signing up for our Citi Wealth Builder, and it required 2-3 designers to help.

Responsibilities: User Research > Design Thinking > Wireframing > Testing > Iteration
Tools: Figma, FigJam, Whiteboard, Jira, Intralinks
Team: UX Researcher, UX Writer, UX/UI Designer, ACD, Legal & Compliance Team, Dev Team
Duration: 1 Sprint

How does Citi Wealth Builder (CWB) work?

Signing up and learning about each persons level of risk with their investments was a bit of a process. We were constantly trying to streamline and make sure they do not lose interest and leave before completing the process. We were working on adding a section up front so the user can determine which level of risk the customer was comfortable with. I was assigned the portfolio / allocation selection pages. Here they could learn about the three levels of risk they were willing to take with their investments and see how their money would be allocated.

Original Power Point design

Sketching / Designing

Round 1

Final Delivery

Some testing was done to see the graphs that were preferred and how it was presented to them. Ended up focusing less on the graphs and more on the percentages of their investments.